Accumed Nebulizer Accessory Pack (N1)

An accessory pack providing spare parts and essential components for effective respiratory treatment

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Accumed Nebulizer Accessory Pack (N1).

- Accumed Nebulizer Accessory Pack is a complete package that includes everything you may need as a spare part for your Accumed Nebulizer.
- The pack features a variety of essential accessories such as masks, air filters, an angled mouthpiece, an air tube, and the nebulizer bottle N1.
- The masks in the Accumed Nebulizer Accessory Pack ensure a comfortable fit and efficient delivery of medication while the air filters help maintain clean and hygienic airflow.
- The angled mouthpiece allows for easy inhalation and the air tube connects the nebulizer to the compressor.
- Accumed Nebulizer Accessory Pack also includes the nebulizer bottle N1 is specifically designed to hold and deliver the medication effectively.

Accumed Nebulizer Accessory Pack Benefits:
• Easy to use and replace parts.
• Portable so can be useful in an emergency.
• Can be used to replace damaged or worn-out components to extend the longevity of the nebulizer.
• Provides all the necessary components for a complete and effective nebulization process.

Direction for Use of the Accumed Nebulizer Accessory Pack (N1):
• Follow the instructions on the packaging of the Accumed Nebulizer Accessory Pack.

More information:
• Ensure that all components are properly cleaned and sanitized before use to maintain hygiene.
• Replace the air filters regularly to prevent clogging and maintain efficient airflow.
• Avoid bending or kinking the air tube to ensure a continuous flow of medication.
• Store the nebulizer and its accessories in a clean and dry place to prevent contamination.

Quantity: 1pack.

Store at room temperature.

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