Ahmed Tea Digest Tea Bags 20'S

Tea enriched with natural herbs to enhance digestion

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Ahmed Tea Digest Tea Bags 20'S

• Digest Infusion - Ahmad's Digest Tea is sweet, refreshing, and delicious, fortified with added Biotin (Vitamin E) and mint to help in digestion.
• Rich in natural ingredients, it combines mint, licorice root, and fennel, with chamomile and blackberry, and is fortified with biotin to enhance digestive function and support overall health.

Active ingredients:
Biotin , Spearmint , , ,

• Ahmed Tea enhances digestion.
• It helps to detox the body.

How to use:
• Follow the instructions on the packet.

Point of interest:
• Ahmed Tea Digest Tea is rich in natural herbs and has a unique flavor.

Made in:
United Kingdom

20 Bags

Store at room temperature

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