Amylase Syrup 100 ml

A supplement syrup that contains alpha-amylase that is used to aid in the digestion of carbohydrates and has anti-inflammatory properties

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Amylase Syrup 100 ml

Amylase Syrup Amylase syrup is a syrup that contains alpha- amylase as its active ingredient.
Alpha- amylase is an enzyme that falls under the class of medicines known as digestive enzymes.
Amylase Syrup is used in the breakdown of carbohydrates to aid in the digestion and absorption of starches and sugars.
This syrup is also known for its anti- inflammatory and antipyretic properties that help reduce inflammation in the body and can help alleviate fever.

Active ingredients:
Alpha Amylase

Amylase Syrup Benefits:
• Aids in the digestion of carbohydrates.
• Helps break down starches into simpler sugars for better absorption.
• May alleviate symptoms of bloating, gas, and indigestion.
• Can assist in managing digestive disorders such as pancreatitis.
• Contains anti- inflammatory properties.

How to use the Amylase Syrup 100 ml:
• Children over 3 years: Take 10ml of the Amylase Syrup three times a day.
• Adults: Take 15ml of Amylase Syrup three times a day.

More information:
• Use during pregnancy only with the advice of a doctor.
• Should be avoided during lactation.
• Store in a dry place below 30°C.
• Protect from light.
• Keep out of the reach of children.
• There are no known interactions between Alpha- Amylase and other medicines.

Made in:

100 ml

Store at room temperature

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