Anivagene Hair Tonic Lotion For Woman 125 ml

A hair tonic lotion used for weak hair that helps nourish hair and enhance its density and shine

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Anivagene Hair Tonic Lotion For Woman 125 ml

Anivagene Hair Tonic Lotion is a natural hair tonic made from organic plant extracts and peptides to nourish hair and improve its volume and vitality.
The tonic lotion's formula works to provide various benefits to hair and the scalp with its unique patented active ingredients.
Anivagene Hair Tonic Lotion's active ingredients include:
BIOANAGELINE® Bio helps to increase blood flow around hair roots and activate hair growth by blocking 5α-reductase.
CAPIXYL ™ is a natural blend of a special protein and red clover extract that also stops 5α-reductase, reduces inflammation, and makes hair follicles stronger and larger.
KAPILARINE® is a plant-based mixture that helps to improve the health of your scalp, prevent hair loss, and improve blood circulation in your scalp.
BIOECOLIA® helps to increase the number of good bacteria on your scalp and fight harmful bacteria, promoting a healthy scalp.
BIOAMANDULINE® HC Bio strengthens and adds volume to hair while preserving its natural structure and shine.
AKOSKY® AZUKI is an organic extract made from mung bean and red clover sprouts that contains many beneficial substances such as amino acids, flavonoids, and tannins to improve hair health.

Active ingredients:
Bioanageline®, Capixyl ™, Kapilarine® , Bioecolia®, Bioamanduline® Hc Bio

Anivagene Hair Tonic Lotion Benefits:
• Prevents hair loss.
• Revitalizes and protects hair.
• Improves hair volume and its shine.
• Boosts scalp microcirculation.
• Guards against harmful bacteria and flora.
• Free from parabens and allergens.
• User-friendly application.
• Gentle formula.
• Suitable for all hair types.

Direction for use of the Anivagene Hair Tonic Lotion For Woman 125 ml:
• Apply 5-8 sprays of the Anivagene Hair Tonic Lotion to the hair roots once per day and massage the scalp to evenly spread the tonic.
• There is no need to rinse, and you can style your hair as usual.

More information:
• Dermatologist-tested.
• Intended for external use so do not ingest.
• Store in a dry and cool place away from sunlight.

Made in:

125 ml

Store at room temperature
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