Apiprodent Spray 20 mL

A Spray creates a protective film that covers the gums prevents inflammation and possible damage which could cause sensitivity and gum bleeding

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Apiprodent Spray - 20ml

Apiprodent spray is a combination of propolis and healing herbs which unifies their healing properties having a relieving effect on gums and mouth cavity mucous membrane.
This formation of a protective film enables easier recovery of damaged gums and oral cavities.
It protects the gums, especially during meals when the gums are sensitive and often susceptible to additional damage.
Herbal tinctures and excipients contribute to a pleasant aroma and flavor correction.
It may be used if the mucosa of the mouth has been damaged by aphthae and similar erosions or as a remedy for toothache and bleeding gums.
It is also recommended for bad breath.
• Apiprodent propolis spray is recommended as an aid - in gingivitis and periodontitis - in injuries caused by having braces and prosthesis - in mucous membrane damaged by aphtha and similar erosions - in toothache and gum bleeding - in bad breath care

Active Ingredient:
propolis tincture, tormentil, oak bark, chamomile, peppermint essential oil

Points Of Interest:

• Alcohol tincture of propolis has proven antimicrobial effects, and sage tincture, being a natural antiseptic, decreases the possibility of inflammation onset.
• Tormentil tincture and oak bark tincture have an astringent effect on damaged mucosa thus quickening its regeneration.
• Chamomile tincture has an anti-inflammatory effect, whereas peppermint essential oil has a mild anesthetic effect.

How Of Use:
Spray Apiprodent spray for gums on damaged mucous membrane and gum two to three times per day.

Dosage Form:


20 mL


Stores at room temperature.

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