Asacpharma Neo Despigmintal CPI Whitening Cream 45 ml

A cream that works to lighten pigmentation and dark spots to make the skin look brighter

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Asacpharma Neo Despigmintal CPI Whitening Cream 45 ml

Asacpharma Neo Despigmintal CPI acts by preventing the production of melanin which gives skin a dark and uneven appearance through dark spots (hyperpigmentation). Among the factors that cause hyperpigmentation are age, sun exposure, and pregnancy marks. It also stimulates skin cell renewal as well as inhibits the enzyme used in the production of melanin.

It contains:
• Aspergillus Fermat: This extract contains high levels of Kojic and Lactic acid. Both are important in skin cell renewal and enzyme inhibition of melanin(tyrosinase).
• Glycyrrhiza glabra root extract: Composed of glabridine 40%, can brighten skin cells without becoming toxic to them.
• Arctostaphylus Uva-Ursi extract: An important extract that reinforces the blocking of the production of tyrosinase.
• Ethoxydiglycol: Its function is to help the main ingredients be absorbed by the skin.

Active ingredients:
Aspergillus Fermet, Glycyrrhiza glabra root extract, Arctostaphylus Uva-Ursi, Ethoxydiglycol.

Asacpharma Neodespigmental CPI is used against the following types of hyperpigmentation:
• Dark spots caused by the sun.
• Dark spot appearance due to the advancement of age.
• Scars, burns, and cuts.
• Preventing the formation of dark spots after laser treatments.

Direction of use:
Apply Asacpharma Neo Despigmintal CPI twice a day (in the morning and the evening) on skin that has been cleaned.
Massage until it's absorbed completely.

More information:
• Contains Liquorice extract to increase its tolerance on the skin.
• To be used 20-28 days to achieve the first signs of the desired results.
• For better results, use SPF50 sun protection with Asacpharma Despigmintal CPI.
• Avoid contact of Asacpharma Despigmintal CPI cream with the eyes.

Made in:

45 ml

Store at room temperature
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