Ascensia Contour TS Blood Glucose Monitoring System (Mmol) Kit

An accurate blood glucose monitoring device that provides easy-to-read results and convenient testing

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Ascensia Contour TS Blood Glucose Monitoring System (Mmol) Kit

Ascensia Contour Ts Meter is a blood glucose monitoring device that offers simplicity and accuracy in blood glucose testing.
The device has an easy- to- read display and simple on- screen messages to provide a user- friendly experience.
Ascensia Contour Ts Meter uses a 5- second test countdown to ensure quick results while the easy- to- see test strip port makes it effortless to insert the test strips.
The glucose meter features a simple two- button navigation system to make it easy to operate.
Ascensia Contour Ts Mete uses ContourTS test strips which have a tiny 0.6 μL sample size to allow for less discomfort during testing.
The device incorporates 'No Coding' technology to eliminate the need for manual coding and decrease the risk of errors.

Ascensia Contour Ts Meter Benefits:
• Easy- to- read display for clear and precise result readings.
• Simple on- screen messages guide users through the testing process.
• Quick 5- second test countdown for fast and efficient testing.
• Easy- to- see test strip port ensures proper placement and accurate results.
• Simple two- button navigation for effortless operation.
• Small blood sample size required to reduce discomfort during blood glucose testing.
• The type of test strips compatible with the device have a long shelf life to reduce wastage.

Directions for use of the Ascensia Contour Ts Meters (Mmol) Kit:
• Place the grey end of the Contour TS test strip into the Ascensia Contour Ts Meter.
• Gently touch the test strip on the blood drop and hold it until the meter emits a beep.
• Results will be shown after a 5- second countdown.
• To turn off the device remove the test strip.

More information:
• Use only Ascensia Contour TS test strips with the meter for accurate results.
• Ensure that the test strips are within their expiration dates.
• Store away from extreme temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight.
• Use clean and dry hands when handling the meter and test strips.

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