Asmaforte Syrup 100 ml

Helps to prevent and reduce asthma attacks

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Asmaforte Syrup 100 ml For Asthma

• Asmafort Syrup for asthma contains Ketotifen which is an anti-allergy and asthma prophylactic medication.

• It helps prevent and reduce the frequency and severity of asthma attacks by inhibiting certain substances in the body that are known to cause inflammation and symptoms of asthma.

Active ingredients:

• Syrup for asthma that has Anti-allergy actions.
• Syrup for asthma Works as asthma prophylactic.

How to use:
• Use the syrup as the doctor prescribed.

Side effects:
• Diarrhea.
• Fever.
• Nausea.
• Drowsy and dizzy
• Chills.
• Cough.

• Asmaforte Syrup can cause dizziness. You must not drive or operate machinery while taking this medication.

Drugs Interactions:
Tell your doctor if are taking any of that medication:
• Amifampridine.
• Bupropion.
• Donepezil.
• Pitolisant.

Points of interest:
• Asmafort will not relieve an asthma attack that has already started.
• Ask your doctor before using Asmaforte Syrup.

Made in:
United Arab Emirates

100 ml

Store at room temperature

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