Babyllo Baby Cool Oral Drops 30 ml

Drops for children are used to treat colic and reduce gases in children They contain natural and safe ingredients that maintain the health of children

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Babyllo Baby Cool Oral Drops 30 ml

Babyllo drops provide a safe and natural formula that effectively treats infant colic.
The formula incorporates dill oil and sodium bicarbonate, which aid in relieving colic symptoms.
Additionally, it alleviates stomach gas commonly experienced by infants during breastfeeding, reducing abdominal pain and frequent colic episodes in children.

Active ingredients:
Dill Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, , ,

Benefits of Babyllo drops:
- Relieves infant and infant irritability.
- Treats abdominal cramps that usually affect children.
- Reduces stomach gases in children.

How to use the Babyllo drops:
- Babyllo drops are given before food.
- For children from 1- 6 months: 0.25- 0.5 ml three times a day.
- For children 6- 24 months: 0.5- 1 ml three times a day.

More information:
- Shake the packaging well before use.
- Use a Babyllo dropper to accurately determine the dose.
- Babyllo syrup is sugar and alcohol free.
- Keep Babyllo in a cool room away from light.
- Keep the medicine away from children.
- Store the medicine at room temperature.

Made in:

30 ml

Store at room temperature.

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