BD Micro-Fine Plus Pen Needles 32Gx4mm 100 Pcs

Are pen needles that help deliver precise doses of insulin with minimal effort to support the management of diabetes

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BD Micro-Fine Plus Pen Needles 32Gx4mm 100 Pcs

BD Micro-Fine Plus Pen Needles are specifically designed to provide a precise and effortless insulin dose for individuals with diabetes.
The pen needles offer convenience and accuracy for those that are newly diagnosed with diabetes and experienced insulin users.
BD Micro-Fine Plus Pen Needles are intended for single use to help maintain hygiene and avoid contamination.
The pen needles are available in different needle lengths to cater to the specific needs and injection techniques of patients.
Size: 32Gx4mm.

BD Micro-Fine Plus Pen Needles Benefits:
• Accurate and precise dosing.
• Comfortable and convenient to use.
• Versatile options for different injection techniques.
• Compatible with a wide range of insulin pens.
• Designed for single-use and hygiene to avoid contamination.

Direction for use of the BD Micro-Fine Plus Pen Needles 32Gx4mm 100 Pcs:
• Prepare your insulin pen and remove the cap from the BD Micro-Fine Plus Pen Needle.
• Screw the pen needle onto the insulin pen securely.
• Select the injection site and clean it with an alcohol swab.
• Hold the pen at a 90-degree angle or as recommended by your healthcare provider.
• Insert the needle into the skin and inject the insulin as directed.
• Remove the needle from the skin and dispose of it safely.

More information:
• Free of latex.
• Use a new needle for each injection to minimize the risk of contamination and infection.
• Do not share pen needles with others to avoid the spread of diseases.
• Keep out of the reach of children.
• Store in a cool and dry place away from direct heat and light.

Made in: Ireland

Quantity: 100 Pieces

Store at room temperature

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