Beesline Whitening Facial Toner 200Ml to correct pigmentations

Toner provides freshness, moisturizing and lighting effects to the skin



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Beesline Whitening Facial Toner 200ml

A brightening toner that evens out skin tone and promotes a soft, luminous complexion to the skin. Also, It removes dark spots.

The benefits of the ingredients:
Lumiskin, Sage, Ginger, Royal Jelly, Vitamin B3, Willow Bark, Damask Rose, Vitamin C & Orange Blossom Essential Oil.

ROYAL JELLY is the milky-white waxy substance secreted from the glands in the hypopharynx of worker bees and is fed to the larval bees. Highly nutritious, Royal Jelly regenerates the cells and tissues leading to an increased collagen synthesis for tighter, firmer skin.

VITAMIN C (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate) provides protection against sun damage, enhances collagen synthesis, and inhibits the production of melanin to give rejuvenated flawless and lighter skin.

• Evens skin tone.
• Radiant and even skin tone.
• Whitens the skin.
• Removes pigmentations.

How to use:
Use 2 times per day (morning & evening).
Apply to dry skin after having cleansed with Beesline Whitening Facial Foam, Facial Soap, Mud Soap, or 4-in-1 Cleanser.
Dispense onto a cotton pad & gently wipe over the face.
Immediately follow with Beesline Whitening Serum, Elixir, Day or Night Cream for ultimate product absorption.

All Active Ingredients:
Royal Jelly, Vitamin C, Ginger, Orange Blossom Essential Oil, Damask Rose

Points of interest:
• Free from cruelty, hydroquinone, and parabens.
• Suitable for all skin types.

Stores at room temperature.

Made in:
Lebanon- UAE.

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