Bepanthene Cream 30 g

Moisturizing cream for care of skin exposed to drying, damaging environmental factors

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Bepanthene Cream 30 g
• Bepanthen Moisturizing Cream for face and body contains the active ingredient dexpanthenol in a highly absorbent and slightly fatty emulsion.
• The active substance dexpanthenol is converted in the skin into the vitamin pantothenic acid and supports the development and regeneration of the skin from within.

Benefits of Bepanthene Cream 30 g:
• This cream has a soothing and cooling effect thanks to its high moisture content.
• Bepanthen Moisturizing Cream is used for treating overstressed and irritated
but intact skin associated with:

- Redness and sunburn.
- Mild burns.
- Rough areas of skin (e.g. on the hands, elbows, or feet). 

How To Use Bepanthene Cream 30 g:
• Apply Bepanthen Moisturizing Cream once to several times daily as required. 

Points Of Interest:
• Always use the dosage described in this leaflet or as prescribed by your doctor.
• If you think that the effect of the medicine is too weak or too strong, please consult your doctor, pharmacist, or druggist. 

All Ingredients:

30 g 

How To Store Bepanthene Cream 30 g:
room temperature .

Made In:
United Kingdom.

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