Betadine Antiseptic Solution 120 mL For wounds antiseptic

Betadine is an antiseptic solution that kills bacteria that usually grow when exposed to wounds and skin infections.

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Betadine Antiseptic Solution 120 mL

A trusted antiseptic solution helps to provide infection protection against a variety of germs that can cause infection in minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.

Active ingredients:
Povidone iodine.

First aid to help prevent infection in minors:
• Cuts.
• Scrapes.
• Burns.

How to use:
Apply a small amount of the solution over the cleaned area 1-3 times daily.

Points of interest:
• Avoid eye contact.
• Don’t use over a large area of the body.
• If the bange will be used, wait till dry.

Made in:

.120 mL

How to store:
Store at room temperature.
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