Bigen Men's Speedy Color Dark Brown 103

A hair color for men that gives you a dark brown color and covers gray hair within 10 minutes

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Bigen Men's Speedy Color Dark Brown 103

Bigen men's ammonia- free hair color offers comprehensive gray hair coverage in a rich dark brown shade.
It is designed to prioritize comfort, ease of use, and full coverage.
By using Bigen dye, you can achieve a uniform dark brown hair color without experiencing the tingling smell typically associated with hair dyes.
For a quick and efficient application, Bigen Speedy dye provides gray coverage in just ten minutes.
Additionally, Bigen men's hair dye is enriched with nourishing ingredients like olive oil and taurine, which contribute to the longevity of the hair color.
Color: Dark Brown 103

Active ingredients:
Olive Oil, Taurine, Tocopherol, Linalool,

Benefits of Bigen Dye:
- Effectively cover gray hair.
- Provides long- lasting results
- Bigen dye is a time- saving solution as it helps you to get a natural hair color in 10 minutes.

How to use the Bigen for men:
- Wear the gloves provided with the package.
- Squeeze equal amounts of the dye packet and color developer packet onto the comb provided with the packet.
- Distribute the dye to the most gray part of your dry hair.
- Comb the hair with the included comb with the dye to distribute the dye evenly.
- Wait 10 minutes and then wash your hair well with shampoo.

More information:
• You must perform an allergy test 48 hours before each use of Bigen hair color.
• Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse them well with water in case of contact.
• Do not use Bigen Color for eyebrows and eyelashes.
• Do not Color your hair if you had a rash or allergic reaction when you dyed your hair one time.
• Do not expose the Color to an open flame or any flammable substance.
• Keep Bigen out of the reach of children.
• The mixing ratio of tint cream and color developer is 1:1.

Made in:

Cream 40 g
Oxygen 40 g

Store at room temperature

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