Biocyte Hyaluronic Forte 200 mg Caps 30'S Anti-aging

Prevents the formation of wrinkles and improves the skin's elasticity

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Biocyte Hyaluronic Forte 200 mg Caps 30'S

Hyaluronic forte offers the highest available concentration of hyaluronic acid.
It leaves the skin looking plumper and smoothes out fine lines.
Results appear within one month of use, according to clinical results

Benefits Of Biocyte Hyaluronic Forte:

• Skin is less dry.
• Plumps up the skin.
• Reduces wrinkles in appearance and depth.

Active Ingredients:


How to use:

Take 1 tablet per day at breakfast with a large glass of water.
Use for 3 months.

Points of interest :

Keep out of reach of children.
For external use only.


30 Caps

Stores at room temperature.
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