BIOXITTAL HAIR LOSS SERUM 10ml* 10 pcs 20001

Anti hair loss serum with fast absorbing technology.

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- This serum is specially designed for men & women those who suffer from hair loss where developed formula that works to strengthen hair and nutrition and stimulate hair roots and gives shine and vitality.
- Serum is suitable for hormonal hair loss because of the presence of caffeine and procapil.
- Where that caffeine in works to stimulate hair follicles.
- The mixture of herbs and amino acid and vitamin B5 nourishes, mosturize, smooth and strengthen the hair.

Benefit Or Uses :
• Stop Hair Falling.
• Helps Hair to Grow Again (Alopecia).
• Delay the Appearance of White Hair.
• Nourishes and Stimilates Follicular Regeneration.
• Moisturizing, Shining and Smoothing the Hair.

Direction For Uses :
- Apply 1 ampoule a day for 5 days than give a break for 3 days and after repeat same cycle for 5 days .
- You must rinse hair after 30 minutes from put the solution.
- Apply directly on the scalp in the hair loss area with massage for 3 minutes.

All Active Ingredients :
procapil , Caffeine , Vitamin B5 , Amino Acids , Plant Extracts.

How To Storage :
room temperature.

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