Buccotherm Whitening & Care T/P 75 ml

Toothpaste used to whiten the teeth

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Buccotherm Whitening & Care T/P 75 ml

Buccotherm Whitening & Care helps to remove superficial tooth stains and keeps the gum and teeth healthy.
Buccotherm Whitening & Care T/P is formulated with:
Propolis extracts & Fluoride – 1450 ppm: prevents dental plaque and tooth decay.
Castéra-Verduzan Thermal Springwater helps to soothe the gum.
Silica and Hydroxyapatite: strengthen the enamel and help to whiten the teeth.

Active ingredients:
Castéra-Verduzan Thermal Spring Water, Fluoride, Propolis extract, Silica and Hydroxyapatite,

• Buccotherm Whitening & Care cleanses teeth.
• Helps to whiten the teeth.
• Protects against cavities.

How to use:
Apply Buccotherm Whitening & Care on the toothbrush.
Brush the teeth for 2-3 minutes, preferably after each meal, and before going to bed.
Rinse with water.

More information:
For external use only.
Keep Buccotherm toothpaste out of the reach of children.

Made in:

75 ml.

Store at room temperature.
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