B.Well Digital Thermometer WT-03

A safe digital thermometer that is used to provide quick temperature measurements

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B.Well Digital Thermometer WT-03

- B.Well Digital Thermometer is a reliable thermometer device used to take the temperature of both children and adults.
- The thermometer provides quick and accurate temperature measurements in approximately 60 seconds.
- B.Well Digital Thermometer is made of safe materials without any mercury or glass to ensure the safety of its users.
- The thermometer features an easy-to-read display, a memory function for the last measurement, and a waterproof design for long-lasting use.

B.Well Digital Thermometer Benefits:
• Quick and accurate temperature measurements.
• Made of safe materials without mercury or glass.
• Easy-to-read display for convenient use.
• Memory function to recall the last measurement.
• Waterproof design for durability and easy cleaning.
• Beeper and fever alarm for proper temperature measurement.
• Suitable for both children and adults.
• Case for convenient storage.
• Automatic switching off to save battery life.

Direction for Use of the B.Well Digital Thermometer WT-03:
• Follow the instructions on the B.Well Digital Thermometer's packaging.

More information:
• Keep the thermometer out of reach of children.
• Clean the thermometer before and after each use.
• Avoid exposing the thermometer to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.
• Replace the battery as needed.

Quantity: 1piece.

Store at room temperature.

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