Canderel Magic Bubble Chocolate 30 g

An aerated milk chocolate bar that has 0 added sugars and is sweetened using maltitol

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Canderel Magic Bubble Chocolate 30 g

Canderel Magic Bubble Chocolate is a unique and velvety smooth aerated milk chocolate that simply melts in your mouth.
Indulge in the luxurious taste of rich chocolate without any added sugar.
Canderel Magic Bubble Chocolate is sweetened with Maltitol to offer guilt-free indulgence making it the perfect choice for satisfying your sweet cravings.
Treat yourself to the rich and creamy delight of Canderel Magic Bubble Chocolate whenever you desire a sweet and indulgent moment.

Active ingredients:
Cocoa butter, Maltitol, Aspartame, Milk powder (cow's milk), Inulin.

Canderel Magic Bubble Chocolate Benefits:
• Melts in your mouth for a smooth and satisfying sensation.
• No added sugar making it a healthier choice when wanting chocolate.
• Sweetened with Maltitol so it can be enjoyed without guilt.
• Suitable for individuals looking to reduce their sugar intake and diabetics.

Direction for use of the Canderel Magic Bubble Chocolate 30 g:
• Consume the recommended single serving stated on the packaging of the Canderel Magic Bubble Chocolate.

More information:
• Store in a dry and cool place below 20 degrees Celsius.
• Contains milk.
• Contains phenylalanine.
• Not suitable for phenylketonuria patients.
• Overconsumption may cause a laxative effect.

Made in: Portugal.

Quantity: 30 g.

Store at room temperature

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