Cansin Plast Light Elastic Gauze Bandage 15cm X 4m

Elastic gauze bandages help cover injured areas and keep them clean and protected

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Cansin plast Light Elastic Gauze Bandage 15CM*4M 

Cansin plast gauze bandage is used when light compression and support are needed.
It helps cover injured areas and keep them clean and protected.
Light, elastic, and soft bandage that is ideal to use in many areas of the body.

- Color: white color.
- Size: 15cm × 4m.

• Cansin plast gauze bandage covers and protects wounds from contaminations.
• Provides compression and support for any body part.
• Easy application.

How to use:
Follow the instructions included on the Cansin package.

Point of interest:
• Don't wrap the bandage so tight.
• Check circulation in the area below the bandage.
If circulation is poor, the skin may look pale or blue or you might feel cold or numbness and tingling.
If you feel this loosen the bandage immediately.

Made in: Turkey.

Quantity: 1 pieces.

Store at room temperature.
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