Cantabria Endocare Radiance C 20 Proteoglycans Ampoules 20 Repair

Ampoules that moisturize skin and help to get rid aging signs to restore skin's elasticity and glow

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Cantabria Endocare Radiance C 20 Proteoglycans Ampoules 20 Repair

Cantabria Endocare Radiance C 20 Ampoules to fight the signs of aging and restore the skin's youthful appearance and glow.
Ampoules that work through natural growth factor (sca) technology, which helps improve the appearance of wrinkles and skin renewal.
C 20 Ampoules are formulated with an effective blend of Vitamin C and Proteoglycans, Which are the most powerful antioxidants that protects skin from free radicals and damage.
Vitamin C and proteoglycans help promote skin elasticity.
Ampoules work to combat aging signs and stimulate regeneration of skin cells, in addition to their role in deeply moisturizing skin to restore their vitality and radiance.

- Endocare Radiance C20 ampoules fight aging signs and wrinkles.
- Helps rejuvenate and repair skin.
- Cantabria Radiance C20 ampoules add radiance and glow to the skin.
- It gives skin deep and long-lasting hydration.<br>- Contains antioxidants.
- Radiance C20 ampoules improve skin elasticity.

How to use:
- Shake well Cantabria Endocare Radiance C 20 before use.
- Apply it in evening every day on the skin of the face and neck.
- Each ampoule contains sufficient amount for three applications.

Point of interest:
Avoid using C20 ampoules if you are allergic to one of its ingredients.
- Stop using ampoules in case of skin irritation.
- Cantabria Endocare Radiance C 20 Ampoules are for external use only.
- Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
- Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.

Made in: Spain

Quantity: 30*2 ml

Store at room temperature

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