Care Well Soft Foam Ear Plugs 4 Pairs

Soft ear plugs That protect against noise

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Care Well Soft Foam Ear Plugs 4 Pairs 

Soft Foam Ear Plugs with perfectly designed to give you the ultimate in comfort.
Ear plugs help protect against noise.
Perfect to use for work, travel, study, and sleep to get enough relaxation.
It's Reusable.
Quantity: 8 pcs.

• Soft Foam ear plugs help protect against noise.

How to use:
• Slowly insert the ribbed end of the ear plug into the ear canal.
• This is made easier by gently pulling the top of the ear up and out until you achieve a comfortable fit.
• Replace the earplugs if they come loose during use.

Point of interest:
• It contains a plastic case.
• Ear plugs for external use.
• Dispose of the earplug when it becomes dirty or damaged.

Made in:

8 pieces

Store at room temperature.
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