Carefree Flexi Comfort Aloe Pantyliners 40'S

Daily sanitary thin flexible pads with aloe vera provide freshness and dryness throughout the day

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Carefree Flexi Comfort Aloe Pantyliners 40'S

Carefree Flexi Comfort is a very thin panty liner that is ideal for the days when you don’t have your period but want all-day freshness.
It is ultra-thin and absorbent for more protection.
Carefree panty liners are flexible and stay in place to keep up with your movement.
It is breathable and gives you a feeling of freshness and comfort due to the aloe vera.

• Carefree panty liners provide invisible comfort and protection.
• Thinnest daily liner, yet so absorbent.
• Breathable material for extra freshness.
• Carefree panty liners make you feel clean and confident for a long time.
• Individually wrapped which makes it easy to put in the bag.
• Aloe vera gives you a soft and smooth feeling.

How to use:
1- Start with clean, dry hands.
2- Remove the liner cover.
3- Place the liner sticky side down to cover the center panel of your underpants.
4- Always dispose of it in the trash and never flush it.
5- Wash your hands.
6- For the freshest feel, change your liner whenever you need it during the day.

Points of interest:
• Make sure to change the panty liner daily to prevent infections and bad odor.
• keep out of the reach of children.
• Consult your doctor if an allergic reaction occurs or worsens the condition after use.

Made in:

40 Pcs

Store at room temperature

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