Carefree Plus Large Fresh Scent Pantyliners 48'S + 20'S Free Offer

Daily sanitary pads give you freshness and odor control for 12 hours and provide dryness and care all day long

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Carefree Plus Large Fresh Scent Pantyliners 48'S + 20'S Free Offer

Carefree plus with fresh scent pantyliners gives you long-lasting protection.
It is a fast-absorbing pantyliner that locks fluid in and keeps you dry all day long.
Carefree plus controls odor for up to 12 hours.
It stays in place to give you comfort and make you feel fresh and confident all day long.

• Carefree plus is longer and wider than a regular liner for extra protection.
• Fast absorbing cover locks wetness immediately.
• Long-lasting protection and 12h odor control
• Carefree plus provides a soft touch.
• Adapts to your body movements and stays in place.

How to use:
1- Start with clean, dry hands.
2- Remove the liner cover.
3- Place the liner sticky side down to cover the center panel of your underpants.
4- Always dispose of it in the trash and never flush it.
5- Wash your hands.
6- For the freshest feel, change your liner whenever you need it during the day.

Points of interest:
• Make sure to change the panty liner daily to prevent infections and bad odor.
• keep out of the reach of children.
• Consult your doctor if an allergic reaction occurs or worsens the condition after use.

Made in:

48 Pcs + 20 Pcs Free

Store at room temperature

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