Cetaphil Lip Balm Spf50 8 ml 71952

A lip balm for chapped, and cracked lips.
Manufacturer: Cetaphil
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Cetaphil Protective Lip Balm - SPF 50+
•Non-greasy, lightweight, transparent formula, that Provides a transparent layer to protect the lips from sun's harmful rays both UVB and UVA, contains vitamin to promote healthy lips, and to soothe dry, chapped, and cracked lips.

•Moisturizes lips.
•Provides protection from sun’s harmful rays.

How to use:
•Apply prior sun exposure.
•Can be applied as needed.

All Ingredients:
Vitamin E , Coconut oil 

Points of interest:
•Dermatologically Tested.

How To Storage :
room temperature

Made In :

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