Cipro Bay HC Ear Drops 10 ml

These drops are used to treat ear inflammation in both children and adults.

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Cipro Bay HC Ear Drops 10 ml

Cipro Bay HC Ear Drops are used in cases of ear infections that lead to discomfort, such as swelling.
The drops contain ciprofloxacin, an antibiotic, and hydrocortisone, which provides anti- inflammatory properties.
These medicinal substances help prevent the growth of bacteria that cause inflammation and swelling.

Active ingredients:
Ciprofloxacin, Hydrocortisone.

- Cipro Bay HC Ear Drops are used for ear infections.
- Kill bacteria that cause discomfort.
- Help to soothe and decrease inflammation.

How to Use:
• For children aged 1 year and older, as well as adults, instill 3 drops of the suspension into the affected ear twice a day for a duration of seven days.

More information:
• Store Cipro HC at room temperature.
• Keep the bottle in the carton to help protect it from light.
• Shake the bottle well before using Cipro HC.

Common side effects:
• Headache

Other Side Effects:
• Itching
• Dizziness

Made in:

10 ml

Store at room temperature
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