Clinijel Lubricating Jelly 82 g

A lubricating gel that increases moisture and provides a feeling of comfort and smoothness, enhancing pleasure during intimate activities

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Clinijel Lubricating Jelly 82 g

Gel Clinijel is a lubricant gel that helps enhance natural lubrication during intimate moments.
It is characterized by its non- greasy, water- based formula that does not cause irritation or allergies, as it is fragrance- free.
The gel does not stain and is easy to clean, and it can be directly used with condoms.
Clinijel Gel provides comfort, increases lubrication, and reduces discomfort caused by dryness.

Active ingredients:
Propylene Glycol, Purified Water, Glycerol,,

Benefits of lubricating gel:
- Clinijel Gel helps reduce pain resulting from vaginal dryness during intercourse.
- It increases moisture levels during intimate activities.
- Clinijel Gel alleviates discomfort caused by insufficient lubrication.

Directions for use of lubricating gel:
- Apply a sufficient amount of the lubricating gel to the desired area as needed.

More information:
• This lubricant is not a contraceptive.
• Keep out of the reach of children.
• Intended for external use only.

82 g

Store at room temperature

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