Cosmo White Body Lotion + Cosmo White Cleansing Milk Package

Cosmo White Body Lotion + Cosmo White Cleansing Milk

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Cosmo White Body Lotion 200 ML:
This lotion is fast absorbing light weight formula by alpha-arbutrin, that provides whitening the skin ,Remove spots and even tone the skin .

Benefit of Cosmo White Body Lotion:

• Whitining skin
• Unification skin color.

Cosmo White Cleansing Milk 150 ml:
This product works to whiten and clean the skin, It also provides the skin with good hydration to prepare it for all cosmetic treatments because it contains chamomile extract, make-up remover effect. ideal choice for sensitive skin.

Benefit of Cosmo White Cleansing Milk :

• Keeping your skin clean and healthy.
• Leaves skin white and moisturized.
Use a cotton ball to apply it on the skin , twice daily.

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