Credo Emery Board Nail Files 110 mm 10 Pcs

A nail file that is used to shape, clean, and shine nails for a natural and polished finish

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Credo Emery Board Nail Files 110 mm 10 Pcs

Credo Emery Board Nail File is designed with a carefully crafted head to make it effortless to shape and clean your nails.
The nail file provides a superior shine to give your nails a natural and polished finish.
Credo Emery Board Nail File is made with durable material so that it can be sturdy and long-lasting, allowing for extensive use.
The portable size of the nail file makes it perfect for travel and with both a coarse and smooth side, the emery board offers versatility in achieving the desired nail texture.

Credo Emery Board Nail File Benefits:
• Shapes and cleans nails with ease.
• Provides a superior shine to give nails a natural finish.
• Made from durable material for long-lasting use.
• Portable size makes it convenient for travel.
• Features both coarse and smooth sides for versatile nail filing.

Direction for use of the Credo Emery Board Nail Files:
• File your nails in a single direction from the tips to the centre.
• Avoid filing back and forth to prevent quick breakage.
• Hold the Nail File straight on your nails and avoid tilting it to minimize the risk of breakage.
• For rounded nail edges, gently tilt the file at a slight angle.

More information:
• Each package includes 10 pieces.
• Each file is 110 mm thick.
• The file is user-friendly and simple to use.
• The file is gentle and doesn't cause any harm to the skin surrounding the nails.

Made in: China

Quantity: 10 Pieces

Store at room temperature

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