Curaprox Ortho Wax Strips 7'S

A unflavoured wax that reduces discomfort and irritations caused by braces



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Curaprox Ortho Wax Strips 7'S

Curaprox Ortho Wax for relief of pain, irritation and ulcers caused by repeated orthodontic contact with the tissues of the mouth.
Ortho Wax forms a barrier between the orthodontic wires and the mouth, providing a smooth surface to prevent rough, sharp edges and protruding braces.
Especially for its role in protecting the gums from injury or erosion to give you more comfort during the period of installing the orthodontic device.
It is easy to use as it is pre-cut.

• Curaprox Ortho Wax helps relieve orthodontic pain.
• Ortho wax protects the gums from injury or irritation.
• Helps to prevent the appearance of ulcers resulting from the friction of the calendar with the internal tissues of the mouth.

How to use:
• Simply apply ortho wax by pressing gently onto the wires or brackets that are irritating your mouth.

Point of interest:
• Clean your hands and teeth properly before using ortho wax to prevent any bacterial infection.
• Be sure to change it frequently (at least change it twice a day).
• Remove Curaprox ortho wax before brushing your teeth.
• Don't worry if you swallowed it, as it is made of natural and non-toxic materials, and no harm will occur if it is accidentally swallowed.

Made in: Switzerland.

Quantity: 7 Pcs.

Store at room temperature.
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