Curaprox Prime Start 07 Interdental Brush With Holder 5 Pcs

Are efficient and precise interdental brushes that clean with ultrafine bristles to ensure optimal oral hygiene

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Curaprox Prime Start 07 Interdental Brush With Holder 5 Pcs.

Curaprox Prime Start Interdental Brush is specifically designed to clean even the narrowest spaces between teeth to offer a highly effective prevention against gum inflammation and bad breath.
The CPS 07 prime is the second smallest brush within the CPS prime range of interdental brushes.
The interdental brush has a click system featured to ensure compatibility with any Curaprox holder with a simple click- out and click- in mechanism so users can effortlessly replace the brush heads.
The interdental brushes are known for their space- filling, gentle, and effective cleaning abilities without the risk of injury.
Curaprox Prime Start Interdental Brushes have ultrafine bristles and a patented surgical wire to navigate through the smallest of interdental spaces.
The interdental spaces require only a simple single cleaning movement in and out of each interdental space to make the process quick and efficient.

Curaprox Prime Start 07 Interdental Brush Benefits:
• Ultrafine bristles designed with an umbrella effect for thorough cleaning.
• Utilizes a patented surgical wire specifically made for cleaning the smallest interdental spaces.
• Long lasting to ensure durability and longevity of the brush.
• Features a convenient click system that is compatible with all Curaprox holders to allow for easy replacement and interchangeability.

How to use Curaprox Prime Start 07 Interdental Brush With Holder 5 Pcs:
• Place the Curaprox Prime Start 07 Interdental Brush in its holder and apply it once a day in between the spaces of your teeth.

More information:
• Use interdental brushes gently to avoid causing injury or discomfort to the gums.
• Clean the interdental brush thoroughly after each use and allow it to dry properly to maintain hygiene.
• Replace the interdental brush when the bristles become worn out or frayed.
• Keep interdental brushes out of reach of children.

Made in:

5 Pieces

Store at room temperature

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