Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Gel 35 g

A topical cold gel used as an alternative to ice when bruising to prevent swelling, or to relieve pain associated with muscle strains and spasms.

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Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Gel 35 g

Deep Freeze Gel is a cold gel used to relieve pain and speed up the healing of bruises, muscle spasms, strains, and swelling.
The gel works through cold therapy, instantly cooling the area and decreasing sensations in the nerves, leading to pain relief.
Cold therapy also reduces blood flow to the area, minimizing damage from the injury and preventing its aggravation and swelling.
Deep Freeze gel provides immediate pain relief and helps treat strains, muscle spasms, joint pain, and swollen bruises.

Active ingredients:
Levomenthol, Propylene Glycol

Benefits of Deep Freeze Gel:
- Decreases pain.
- Reduces swelling and bruising.
- Treats muscle spasm.
- Used for joint pain.
- Cools the skin instantly.

How to use:
- Apply the gel 3- 4 times daily on the affected area.

• More information:
- Do not apply to broken skin.
- Discontinue use if signs of allergy to the gel appear.
- Consult a doctor if symptoms persist for more than 7 days.

Made in:
United Kingdom

35 g

Store at room temperature
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