Defuber Teeth Whitening Pen Non Peroxide With Mint Flavour

A peroxide-free portable and effective brightening pen to quickly whiten teeth for achieving a charming and confident smile

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Defuber Teeth Whitening Pen Non Peroxide With Mint Flavour

Defuber Teeth Whitening Pen is specially formulated without peroxide to brighten and whiten the color of sensitive teeth for a confident smile.
The whitening pen utilizes high-end technology to not only rapidly whiten your teeth but also provide a radiant and luminous appearance.
Defuber Teeth Whitening Pen has a soft brush tip that ensures easy application on and around each tooth.
The whitening pen can effectively and efficiently remove years of stains caused by various factors like coffee, tea, smoking, and soda.
Flavor: Mint.

Active ingredients:
Sodium chlorite, Citric acid, EDTA, Aqua, Glycerin.

Defuber Teeth Whitening Pen Benefits:
• Provides fast and effective teeth whitening within 25 minutes.
• Safe and gentle on sensitive teeth without causing discomfort or sensitivity.
• Compact design for easy portability perfect for travel use.
• Natural mint flavor keeps your mouth feeling fresh during the whitening process.
• Soft brush head and rotating design for quick and convenient application.
• Soft brush tip to ensure that no stains are missed.

Direction for use of the Defuber Teeth Whitening Pen Non Peroxide With Mint Flavour:
• Start by thoroughly rinsing and gargling your mouth to ensure your teeth are clean and dry.
• Twist the bottom of the Defuber Teeth Whitening Pen to release the gel.
• Apply the gel to the front surface of your teeth using the brush provided.

More information:
• Keep out of the reach of children.
• Not intended for pregnant women or children under the age of 18.
• Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse well with water if contact occurs.

Quantity: 1 Piece.

Store at room temperature.

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