Derm Eden Exfoliating Mask Detox 2 In 1 50 ml

A skin peeling mask with a unique formula that rejuvenates and purifies the skin to reveal a more youthful and glowing appearance

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Derm Eden Exfoliating Mask Detox 2 In 1 50 ml

An exfoliating face mask from Derm Eden that helps cleanse the skin, remove accumulated impurities, and exfoliate dead skin.
It features a unique formula that gently exfoliates and maintains skin moisture to keep it soft after peeling.
The formula contains natural skin exfoliants as well as green clay that cleans pores well.
The mask also contains apricot extract, which deeply moisturizes the skin, and panthenol, which smoothes the skin's texture.

Active ingredients:
Kaolin clay (white clay), Montmorillonite (green clay), Zinc PCA, Apricot seed extract, Panthenol (Vitamin B5)
Vitamin E

Benefits of a skin-peeling mask:
- Reduces oily secretions in the skin.
- Rejuvenates skin cells.
- Increases skin glow.
- Exfoliates the skin gently.
- Activates collagen in the skin.
- Unifies skin tone.

How to use a peeling mask:
- Put the mask on clean skin.
- Leave the Derm Eden mask for 10 minutes.
- Wet your hands and massage the mask on your face in a circular motion, focusing on the oily areas.
- Rinse your face with water.

More information:
- Manufactured under dermatological control.
- Its ingredients are of vegan origin.
- Sensitive skin may experience a temporary feeling of tightness after applying the mask to the skin.
- Avoid getting into the eyes.

Made in: France

Quantity: 50 ml

Store at room temperature.

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