Durex Mutal Pleasure Condoms 3 Pcs

A pack of 3 condoms that are used to increase and intensify pleasure for both partners

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Durex Mutal Pleasure Condoms 3 Pcs

Durex Mutal Pleasure Condoms are designed to enhance the pleasure of both partners by creating a synchronized experience.
The unique condoms feature ribbed and dotted textures on the outside to intensify the experience for her.
Durex Mutal Pleasure Condoms create a longer-lasting encounter with benzocaine 5% to provide a gentle numbing effect for him.
The condoms are transparent and made of natural rubber latex to offer a comfortable and secure fit.

Active ingredients:

Durex Mutal Pleasure Condoms Benefits:
• Enhanced chance of mutual pleasure for both partners.
• Ribbed and dotted texture to account for her experience.
• Contains benzocaine 5% for a gentle numbing effect.
• Easy to put on and has a comfortable and secure fit.

Direction for use of the Durex Mutal Pleasure Condoms 3 Pcs:
• Follow the instructions on the packaging of the Durex Mutal Pleasure Condoms.

More information:
• Keep stored at temperatures below 30°C.
• Ensure that each condom is used only once.
• Keep out of the reach of children.
• Carefully read the leaflet enclosed in the packaging.

Made in:

3 Pieces

Store at room temperature

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