Dynamogen Oral Ampoules 10 mL* 20'S

Drinkable ampoules, Anti-anorexic, and tonic effects

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Dynamogen Oral Ampoules 10ml × 20's

Dynamogen ampoules combine the activity of two substances: Glutodine and Arginine Aspartate.
• Dynamogen is indicated for the treatment of all processes where it is necessary to restore the intake of basic elements involved in an energizing activation: anorexia, malnutrition, convalescence, slow growth, school fatigue, etc.
• Oral solution.
• Anti-anorexic and tonic.
• 20 drinkable ampoules with 10 ml.

• Enhances athletic performance.
• Loss of appetite.

How To Use dynamogen:
• Please refer to the leaflet provided or use it as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
• Children: 1 drinkable ampoule twice daily, preferably taken half an hour before main meals.
• Dosage of 3 drinkable ampoules per 24 hours is also recommended for children suffering severe anorexia or important weight deficits.
• Adults: Up to three drinkable ampoules per day.

All Active Ingredients:
Glutodine , Arginine Aspartate .

Side Effects:
• Dryness of mouth.
• Drowsiness.
• Dizziness.
• Constipation or Diarrhea.
• Blurred vision.
• Nausea.
• Nervousness.
• Palpitation.
• Tachycardia.
• Epigastric distress.
• Vomiting.

• Due to its content of cyproheptadine α-ketoglutarate, it must not be used by nursing mothers or premature or newly born children.
• Though there are no contraindications, its use is not recommended in severe liver or kidney conditions.
• Administer cautiously in aged patients and also in those suffering symptomatic prostate hypertrophy and patients affected by narrow-angle glaucoma.
• As a precaution, it must not be used in pregnancy and nursing.

Dynamogen oral solution Interactions:
• It must not be used simultaneously with MAO inhibitors.
• Concomitant administration with anticholinergic drugs, neuroleptics, or tricyclic antidepressants must be avoided, as the addition of anticholinergic effects may occur.
• It is not recommended to associate Dynamogen with hypnotics or major tranquilizers, the added effect inducing sleep.

Stores at room temperature

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