Ecrinal Lotion For Women 200Ml - Anti-hair loss

Anti-hair loss lotion
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Ecrinal Lotion For Womens - 200 ml 

•A daily hair care lotion for tired hair that helps to enhance the scalp, fortifies the capillary fiber and helps the hair to recover its softness and shine.

•Daily care for anaemic scalps and tired hair.
•Stimulates the scalp.
•Hair very quickly recovers its healthy softness and shine.
•Fortifies the capillary fiber.

Active Ingredient:
horse mane extract.

How To Use:
•Use every day as a fortifying treatment with a follow-up from a course of A.N.P. 40 ampoules.
•Always shake well before use.
•Spray onto dry hair and distribute the lotion over the scalp.
•Gently rub in with the fingertips, dry the hair if necessary then style.

Dosage Form:

200 ml

room temperature.

Made in:

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