Elbow Crutches

Comfortable and easy to use crutch

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Elbow Crutches Fs933 Al-Jawareh

A metal Elbow crutch that is made of aluminum with lightweight as it does not make you feel heavy while using it.
It is stable and slip-resistant, As well as it is durable and suitable for all users.
Elbow crutch also has a bolster for you to lean on and grip, and it also supports the elbow and gives you more control.

• Use the Elbow Crutches if you suffer from joint pain and cannot move.
• After surgery on one of the legs.

How to use:
1- Adjust the overall height of the Elbow Crutches, bend your elbow until the wrist joint is at the level of the hips with an angle of 30 degrees.
Then measure the distance between the largest part of the forearm and the floor.
Adjust the crutch accordingly (make sure the Elbow Crutches are level with the wrist).
2- Insert your arm into the Elbow Crutches so that the opening of the forearm collar is not facing the body.
Then adjust the position of the collar so that it is slightly below the elbow and then hold the handle firmly.
3- Place the end of the crutch in front of you one step forward while standing on the unaffected foot.
Bearing your weight on the forearms and crutches as you lean forward.

Point of interest:
• Repeat With practice you will develop a smooth and even gait that allows you to move quickly in spite of your injury.

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