Electric Massager Pink YW-601

An electric massaging device specially designed to relieve headaches and provide comfort

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Electric Massager Pink YW-601:

Electric Massager is specially designed to alleviate headaches.
The massager applies a kneading pressure massage technique, very close to that of traditional Chinese medicine massages.
Electric Massager's head uses various techniques, such as opening, closing, pulling, rubbing, and grasping to provide an accurate massage experience.
The massager is useful for reducing the pain associated with headaches, improving sleep quality, and addressing scalp issues like itching and dandruff.

Device Specifications:
• Model: B20.
• Voltage: DC 5V.
• Rated power: 5W.
• Weight: 370g.
• Power adapter input: 100v-240v-50Hz/60Hz.
• Color: Pink.
• Measurements: 103*103*139MM

Electric Massager Benefits:
• Can be used to massage various parts of your body, including the head, shoulders, neck, face, and forehead.
• Utilizes innovative kneading head technology to provide an efficient and effective massage experience.
• Features a long-lasting battery that provides high endurance.
• Wireless and portable, making it convenient to use on the go.
• Operates ultra-quietly and does not produce excessive noise for your maximum comfort and relaxation.
• Uses silicone on the heads to make sure your skin isn't irritated while being massaged.

Directions for use of the Electric Massager Pink YW-601:
• Hold the Electric Massager firmly by hand to turn it on using the power button.
• Press the button gently to select your desired speed option.
• Place the massager head gently on the body part you want to massage.
• To turn off the device, press and hold down the power button.

More information:
• The recommended charging time for the device is between 2-3 hours.
• Avoid using the device while it's charging to ensure optimal performance.
• Individuals with silicone allergies should not use the device.
• Keep the device out of reach of children.

Made in: China

Quantity: 1 Piece

Store at room temperature.

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