Elgydium Post Operative Toothbrush 1 Pc

A toothbrush is suitable after oral surgery with extra soft bristles that prevent gum irritation and fewer contaminations

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Elgydium Post Operative Toothbrush 1 Pc 

Elgydium Post Operative is ultra-soft bristles that measure 0.065 mm in diameter gently massage the gums and can be used immediately during the week following surgery.
It is suitable for irritated and very sensitive gum.
Elgydium Post Operative can effectively cleanses the inner surfaces of the teeth thanks to its flexible ergonomic grip.

• Elgydium Post Operative Toothbrush prevents gum irritation.
• Good oral hygiene after surgery.
• Elgydium Post Operative Toothbrush helps to avoid infectious complications after surgery.

Points of interest:
• Use a toothpaste formulated to protect against plaque, such as ELGYDIUM Anti-Plaque.
• Brush three times a day and after every meal.
• Always keep clean and dry places.
• Wash well with warm water after brushing.
• Cover well the top of the brush in keeping.
• It is for personal use only (one person).
• It is recommended to change the brush every 3 months.

Made in:

1 Pcs

Store at room temperature

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