Eskimo Kids Syrup Orange Flavour 210ml

Multi vitamins and minerals to improve children immunity and memory.

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Eskimo Kids Syrup Orange Flavour 210ml 

- Eskimo Kids Syrup Orange Flavour 210ml is high strength and effective omega supplement with vitamin E and D . It is ideal for those looking for additional support in the areas of health that omega-3-6-9 benefits including heart health, vision and brain function.
- It's easy to take with the daily recommended dosage being 1 teaspoon which can be taken by itself or even used as a part of a tasty salad dressing.
- Just 1 teaspoon a day provides omega roughly equivalent to 5 portions of oily fish per week.
Omega fatty acids have been well studied, contributing to the normal function of the heart, and DHA supporting normal brain function and vision.

Benefit Or Uses :
Increases healthy brain development, normal growth and bone development and a strong and effective immune system.

Direction For Uses :
One teaspoon (5ml) daily with food.

Active Ingredients :
Omega-3 , Omega-6 , Omega-9 , Vitamin D , Vitamin E.

How To Storage :
room temperature.

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