Eucerin 5% Urea Replenishing Body Wash 400 ML

Gentle, replenishing and effective body cleanser for very dry, It is enriched with moisturizing Urea, preventing skin from drying out.



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Eucerin 5% Urea Replenishing Body Wash 400 ML

Eucerin UreaRepair ORIGINAL 5% Urea Washfluid contains very gentle cleansing agents, making it suitable for cleansing very dry, rough body skin.
It is further enriched with Urea and NMFs which protect skin from drying out further and relieve the itchiness that often comes with dry skin.
The formula leaves skin smooth and supple and is ideal for daily cleansing as it moisturizes skin and supports its natural barrier function.
The body wash for dry skin is suitable for those with mature skin, Atopic Dermatitis and/or Psoriasis.
It can also be used for adjunctive care.
That wash away the epidermal lipids and moisturizing factors that form skin’s natural protective barrier.
This leaves it prone to dryness and irritation.


* Gentle daily showering and cleansing to prevent skin drying out.
* Soothes and helps relieve itching.
* Protects skin from drying out.
* Suitable for cleansing the intimate area.

How to use:

- Use a small amount of the body wash, massage gently into a lather and apply on your skin.
- Rinse thoroughly.
- For best results, use in combination with Eucerin UreaRepair PLUS care products.

Active ingredients:
urea , glycerin , NMF complex , castor oil.

Storage conditions:
Room temperature.

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