Eucerin Lip Active SPF20 4.8g

A lip moisturizer with a rich formula that hydrates and protects lips from cracking and dryness.



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Eucerin Lip Active SPF20 4.8g

Eucerin Lip Balm helps protect lips from cracking and dryness, enhancing their health and making them look more radiant and lively.
Vitamin E nourishes and smoothens lips, shielding them from external factors with its antioxidant properties.
The formula also features Dexpanthenol, which repairs and heals dry, chapped lip skin, while providing anti-inflammatory properties.
Eucerin Lip Balm contains SPF 20 protection factor, safeguarding delicate lip skin from harmful sun rays.
The formula also stands out for its inclusion of shea butter, which deeply moisturizes the lips and leaves them feeling silky smooth.

Active ingredients:
Vitamin E, Dexpanthenol, Shea Butter

• Moisturizes the lips deeply and protects them from dryness.
• Works to heal chapped and dry lips.
• Shields the lips from harmful sun rays.
• Softens and soothes the skin of the lips.

How to use:
• Apply Eucerin Lip Active as frequently as is required.

More Information:
• Free of mineral oils.

Made in:


Store at room temperature.


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