Eveline Facemd Purifying Facial Wash Gel With Activated Carbon 150 ml

A ficial wash to purifies skin and removes impurities, suitable for all skin types.



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Eveline Facemd Purifying Facial Wash Gel with Activated Carbon 150 ml

Multifunctional formula suitable for all skin types, helps to cleanse, detoxes, reduces imperfection, and improves skin look.
Contains activated carbon, which helps to removes dead skin cells and excess oils, in addition to treat acne. It can unclog the pores to clean the impurities which leads to white and black heads.
It is also having antibacterial properties that can removes bacteria from pores.

Deeply cleanse skin
Eliminates impurities.

Active Ingredient:
Activated carbon.

Facial wash.

How to use:
Apply small amount onto wet skin, gently massage, rinse with water.
Use daily.
Can also be used as peeling or mask – 2-3 times a week.

150 ml.

room temperature.

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