Ferty Biotic Women Sachets 30'S

Sachets help improve a woman's fertility and increase the chances of conceiving by improving insulin sensitivity, supporting ovarian function, and protecting eggs

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Ferty Biotic Women Sachets 30'S To Increase Fertility

Ferty Biotic is A food supplement that increases fertility in women, which increases the chances of pregnancy.
It contains :
Inositol: It contributes to improving the fluids of the reproductive system and the quality of eggs and embryos.
It also improves insulin sensitivity, ovarian activity, and thus fertility and reproduction for women with PCOS.
Folic acid: helps the formation of maternal tissues during pregnancy and reduces birth defects and miscarriages.
Melatonin: Promotes reproductive system health and has antioxidant properties that protect eggs from oxidative stress and damage.
Vitamin D: aids in cell division and promotes the production of eggs and embryos.
Selenium: It has antioxidant properties as it protects eggs from free radicals and contributes to increasing sexual desire.
Lactobacillus: beneficial bacteria that work to maintain the balance of the bacterial ecosystem.

Active ingredients:
Lactobacillus, Folic Acid, Vitamin D, Selenium, Inositol, Melatonin.

• It helps to increase the chance of pregnancy in women.
• Ferty Biotic Women Sachets improve fertility in women.
• It has anti-oxidant properties.
• Enhances ovarian health and function.
• Ferty Biotic Women Sachets improve insulin sensitivity.
• Protects the eggs from damage.

How to use:
It is recommended to take one sachet per day, preferably at night.
Empty the contents of the Ferty Biotic sachet into a glass of water.

Point of interest:
• Ferty Biotic contains beneficial bacteria that are sensitive to heat, so it is recommended to avoid exposure to heat sources or temperature changes.
• Avoid increasing the recommended dose of Ferty biotic.
• keep away from the reach of the children.

Made in: Europa.

Quantity: 30 Sachets.

Store at room temperature.

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