Fillerina Day Cream Grade 1 2304

Day cream for wrinkle and anti aging with 6 molecules of hyalurnic acid



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Corrects early onset wrinkles, fine and expression lines painlessly and effortlessly, contains six Hyaluronic Acids that magnificently fight the signs of ageing.benefit of useDeeply Hydrates and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. Creates a plumper, glowing base under makeup. Contains 6 (gr.1,2,3) -8 (gr.4,5) different types of Hyaluronic Acid Molecules.direction of useWarm up in hands and pat or lightly rug into whole face and neck. Let absorb for a few minutes before applying makeup. Use in the ingresients hyaloronic acid , hexapeptide , Matrifull , Vitamin E, , Coconut oilmore information:A daily cream filled with Hyaluronic Acid to replenish and hydrate the face. Creates plumping action to smooth out the skin. Great under temperatureRoute of adminstrationFacemade in:Italy

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