Fillerina Night Cream Grade 3

Night cream for wrinkle and anti aging with 6 molecules of hyaluronic acid



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Fillerina Night Cream Grade 3
eradicates all deep-set wrinkles and expression lines while you sleep,Six Hyaluronic Acids make up 30% of the formula to plump and hydrate skin.

benefit of Fillerina Night Cream Grade 3:
Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Plumps up the skin. Contains 6 (gr.1,2,3) -8 (gr.4,5) different types of Hyaluronic Acid Molecules.

How To Use Fillerina Night Cream Grade 3:

Warm up in hands and pat or lightly rub into whole face. Use in the ingresients hyaloronic acid , Almond Oil, , Matrifull , Vitamin A Vitamin E, , Shea Butter”

more information:
Replenishing cream that works deeply into the skin while you are sleeping. Wake up with tighter, hydrated skin The ingredients are formulated to absorb exactly where they are needed.

How To Store Fillerina Night Cream Grade 3:
room temperature

Route of adminstration:

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