Foltene Strengthening Shampoo For Men 200 ml

A shampoo for men that nourishes hair follicles and stimulates new hair growth to treat thinning hair and bald spots



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Foltene Strengthening Shampoo For Men 200 ml 

Foltene Strengthening Shampoo is a daily-use shampoo for men specifically designed to promote hair growth and stimulate follicles.
The shampoo contains a blend of ingredients that strengthen thinning hair, promote hair growth at the follicle, and restore balance and natural conditions to the scalp.
It contains Tricosaccharide® compound, which is a mixture of saccharides that strengthens the hair, in addition to red pepper extract, which stimulates blood circulation in the scalp.
Foltene shampoo is gentle on the hair and does not cause brittleness or dryness, as it is free of sulfates, mineral oils, silicones, and paraffin.

Active ingredients:
Tricosaccharide®, Capsicum Extract.

Benefits of Foltene shampoo:
- Increases the strength and thickness of hair.
- Protects hair from external factors.
- Nourishes the roots and takes care of the ends.
- Maintains a healthy scalp.

How to use Foltene shampoo:
- Put the shampoo on wet hair and gently massage for several minutes, then wash it with water well.

More information:
- The shampoo can be used daily because the formula is light on the hair.
- Keep out of reach of children.

Made in:

200 ml

Store at room temperature
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