Footner Foot Exfoliating Socks - 1 Pair

Footner Exfoliating socks are an intensive foot mask which naturally causes hard and dry skin to peel away.

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  • The easy way to remove hard and dry skin - as effective as a pedicure
  • Wear them for 60 minutes and within 3 - 5 days dry skin will shed from your feet

How to use Footner Exfoliating Socks

  • Footner Exfoliating Socks are incredibly easy to use and require minimal effort. Simply remove the socks from the packaging and cut along the dotted line. Place the ready to wear socks on your feet and close using the adhesive strap. Keep the socks on for 60 minutes and let them work their magic! Rinse feet immediately after removing he socks
  • Results vary depending on the person and the condition of the feet but usually peeling usually starts around 3-5 days after wearing the Socks and lasts around 7-10 days. After just one application you will see the impact as beneath the dead, hard skin, smooth, soft skin is revealed.
  • Use the socks 1-2 weeks before you intend to show off your feet to avoid the peeling process happening at the wrong moment!
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