Foramen Orthodontic Toothbrush 1 Pc

A toothbrush specially designed to clean teeth and take care of gum health during orthodontic installation

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Foramen Orthodontic Toothbrush 1 Pc

Foramen Orthodontic is a non-abrasive brush, clean thoroughly without scratching the enamel or harming the gum tissue.
Foramen orthodontics can reach the areas that are hard to reach especially with braces.

• Foramen Orthodontic effectively removes all the food particles from the teeth and the braces.
• Foramen brush removes plaque from teeth and braces.

How to use:
Follow Foramen Orthodontic manual instruction.

Points of interest:
• The toothbrush should be changed regularly, every 1-3 months.
• For personal use only.
• Be sure to clean the toothbrush before and after each use.
• It is recommended to brush the teeth for at least two minutes.

Made in:

One Piece

Store at room temperature

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